New combinations in Haworthia genus


Gordon Rowley has divied genus Haworthia in three separated genera.

Haworthia - remains same (includes subgenus Haworthia)

Haworthiopsis - previously subgenus Hexangulares - but it seems that species like H. viscosa, H. venosa, H. pungens, H. granulata are moved to new genus Tulista.

Tulista - previously subgenus Robustipedunculares, several species from old Hexangulares (as mentioned above). What is new is the fact, that Rowley includes under Tulista genus Astroloba, Poellnitzia and Aloe aristata.
I do not have much further and more detailed informations. But I will try to find it out for you. First two make sense, the very strenge mix in Genus Tulista is very problematic.

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