Haworthia xiphiophylla

H. xiphiophylla, near Coega

Haworthia xiphiophylla Baker

xiphiophylla: sword-like leaves

H. xiphiophylla is bright green-yellow species. In habitat they are quite small, 30 to 40 mm and forming smaller clusters. In cultivation it grows larger, up to 8-10 cm. Leaves are long and slender with broad, but  short marginal teeth, without any translucent areas. It flowers early in the Summer. 

Distribution map

H. xiphiophylla grows around Uitenhage and Coega. In this part of Eastern Cape situation is more complicated - many species comes into the game. There is H. jansenvillensis n the NW, H. arachnoidea 'tretyrensis' around Steytlerville, H.gracilis var. viridis (or decipiens minor???) W of Kirkwood, H. aristata and H. pringlei. Well, only sure is, that "pure" xiphiophylla grows around Coega and Uitenhage. From area around Mentz Dam (Darlington Dam), where H. jansenvillensis comes into play, was described H. flavida. At Sapkamma was described H. azurea, where H. gracilis viridis (or decipiens minor) is around. There is an old record from locality between Uitenhage and Steytlerville which was describe as H. denticulata.  Bayer in his Haworthia Revisited includes xiphiophylla into arachnoidea group. Later he moved it into decipiens group. To make it more simple, I separate it and use it just like H. xiphiophylla.

H. xiphiophylla is quite common in cultivation. It is easy to grow and propagate by seed or offsets.

H. setata var. xiphiophylla, H. longiaristata

Known localities:
  • Mannetjie (3325CA)
  • Maraishoop (3325CA)
  • Bauerskraal (3325CB)
  • Sandfontein (3325CB)
  • De Rust, 2 km NW. Cougakop (3325DC)
  • Cougakop (3325DC)
  • W. Coega (3325DC)
  • NW. Uitenhage

H. xiphiophylla, near Coega
H. xiphiophylla, near Coega

H. xiphiophylla, near Coega
H. xiphiophylla, near Coega

H. xiphiophylla, near Coega

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