Haworthia indigoa

Haworthia indigoa, E of Matjiesdrift

Haworthia indigoa Hayashi

indigoa: refers to its colour.

H. indigoa is dark green species from mirabilis-magnifica group, which is very similar to H. magnifica var. atrofusca. Size of the rosette is 4-6 cm, leaves are dark green, scabrid skin texture and upper part of the leave is translucent. Plant remains solitairy and is slow growing element. Flowering time is early Summer, same as atrofusca, but different from bayeri and picta, which are flowering in Spring.

Distribution map
H. indigoa was first discovered in 1998 by Vincent de Vries in area North of Outeniqua Mountains. Currently there are only few localities known with TL to the N of Matjiesdrift. It grows under the bushes or amongst stones on low hills, well hidden by other vegetation.

H. indigoa is not yet often seen in cultivation, but it has potential to be nice and attractive species. Propagation must be done by seed. Cultivation is same as with magnifica group.

Known localities:
  • Matjiesdrift (3322DC)
  • E. Matjiesdrift (3322DA)
  • between Matjiesdrift and Molen River (3322DA)
Haworthia indigoa, Matjiesdrift, TL.
Haworthia indigoa, Matjiesdrift, TL.
Haworthia indigoa, Matjiesdrift, TL.
Type locality of Haworthia indigoa, Matjiesdrift

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