Haworthia jakubii

Haworthia jakubii, Melkhoutfontein
 Haworthia jakubii, Breuer

jakubii: after Jakub Jilemicky, dicoverer of this plant.

H. jakubii is recently discovered species S of Riversdale. Rosette with up to 26 leaves, size up to 10cm and is slowly proliferous. It is related to H. magnifica, but leaves are more numerous, narrower and bright green. In jakubii the leaf margins has fewer and large teeths and leaves are strongly acuminate with long end-awn and distincly convex above. Flowering time matches magnifica and the flower stem belongs to one of the longest in genus, it can be nearly 50-60cm.

Distribution map
H. jakubii is growing close to Kafferkuils River, South of Riversdale. It was discovered on one my early exploration trips with David Cumming in 2003. Few km to North is growing attractive form of magnifica, where some clones can be hairy. Other Haworthia around are variegata and retusa var. longibracteata.

H. jakubii grows in cultivation without any problems like other similar species like acuminata and magnifica. Propagation can be done by seeds or offsetts.

Known locality:
  • Melkhoutfontein, Kafferkuils RIver (3421AD)
Haworthia jakubii, Melkhoutfontein

Haworthia jakubii, Melkhoutfontein

Haworthia jakubii, Melkhoutfontein

Haworthia jakubii, Melkhoutfontein


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