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I was lucky, long time ago, when I was starting with Haworthias, to stay at his place for some months. I have learned a lot about plants, localities and taxonomy. He has got one of the largest and best documented Haworthia collection. Eight years back he was growing his plants in three small greenhouses in his garden. In present he is running his own nursery Eden-Plants, which is specialized at Haworthias, Gasterias, bulbs and Sulcorebutias. But you can find there many others succulents....

Ingo Breuer and Cok Grootscholten in Holland

Ingo and Marita and Ernst Specks

Eden Plants Nursery

Haworthia collection
Gasteria collection

Haw. comptoniana group
Haw. arachnoidea v. scabrispina group
Haw. tesellata group

Haw. semiviva group
Haw. cooperi v. doldii

Haworthia truncata group
Haw. springbokvlaktensis

Haw. marginata, Ashton

Haworthia splendensHaworthia splendens
Haw. triebneriana group
Haw. jakubii groupHaw. kingiana
Haw. fuscaHaw. paradoxa
Haw. retusa group

View from Ingo´s flat to his "small" greenhouses
New stuff to label....job for couple days

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