Haworthia species

Haworthia magnifica 'enigma', Korinter River road

Haworthia species

You can find on this page all Haworthia species, well I still haven´t finished yet, but let´s say 95% work is done. I´m trying to show here only names that makes "sence" to me. Under each species or variety you find description, photos, maps, information and a bit of theory about all species, varieties and forms.

Taxonomy is bit confusing in the present day. I´m using names which Bayer published in 1999 in his Haworthia revisited completed with recent meaningful changes. As I said, this list is still in progress, so please be patient. Recently genus Haworthia was divided in three genera Haworthia, Haworthiopsis and Tulista. 

Genus Haworthia
Genus Haworthiopsis
Genus Tulista
I´m using in this section information and quotations from following sources (books, journals and articles).

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