Haworthia vlokii

Haworthia vlokii, Meiringspoort

Haworthia vlokii M.B.Bayer

vlokii: in honour of Jan vlok

H. vlokii is small, dark green proliferous species. It usually has small white dots and well teethed leave margins. The flower resembles H. monticola which occurs further East at Uniondale - Willowmore area. Other connection could be H. marumiana var. viridis from Prince Albert to the West.  

Distribution map

H. vlokii is known from higher altitudes of Swartberg Mountains at Meiringspoort and on Northern slopes towards Swartberg Pass. The type collection was from high up in the mountain near the waterfall. There used to be a small population on huge rock that seemd to fell down and bring down some of the plants - but this population seems to be gone. We were lucky to see on the lower slopes not far away from the waterfall. It can grows with  H. scabra at the poort itself, nearby to the South is growing H. arachnoidea var. setata and H. bayeri and to the North is  H. decipiens growing on the lower N slopes. It is quite common in cultivation, doesn´t need any special conditions and propagation is very easy from offsetts.

Known localities:

  • E. Meiringspoort (3322BC)
  • Meiringspoort, fallen rock (3322BC)
  • Waterval, Meiringspoort (3322BC)
  • E. Prince Albert (3322AC)
Haworthia vlokii, Meiringspoort
Haworthia vlokii, Meiringspoort
Haworthia vlokii, Meiringspoort
Haworthia vlokii, Meiringspoort
Locality of H. vlokii, Meiringspoort