Michal Susser

Michal Susser, my good friend, is from Sobeslav, South Bohemia (Czech Republic). He started with Haworthia more or less in same time as me.

He has got two greenhouses, the first is for propagation and the second one for his collection. In the past he used to grow cacti, but now Haworthias (and succulents mostly from South Africa and Madagascar) are dominating.

He has got great web page
http://www.haworthia.cz/ where lot of nice pictures are displayed.

Michal and Dr. Hayashi (new photo)

Michal and Dr. Hayashi (new photo)

Haworthia propagation

Haw. maughanii

Haw. capillaris (aff. odetteae), Skietfontein

Haw. comptoniana

Haw. tessellata, Akkerendam

Haw. tessellata, Farm Spitzkop

Haw. tessellata, Molteno Pass

Haw. tessellata, N of Steinkopf

Haw. tessellata, Poffader

Haw. beukmanii, Nethercourt

Michal Susser at Specks nursery

Michals´ son Michal junior

Haw. maraisii, Klaasvoogds (new photo)

Haw. paradoxa, near Vermaalikheid (new photo)

Haw. maxima cv. donut (new photo)

Haw. fasciata, Hillwacht (new photo)

Haw. decipiens var. minor, Dorschfontein (new photo)

Haw. wimii, Garcias Pass - frosted form (new photo)

Haw. "michaels cocozza" hybrid (new photo)

new photo

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