Succulent Tissue Culture

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new photo

Succulent Tissue Culture is a nursery specialized at growing plants in vitro - tissue culture laboratory. They offer many rare Haworthias, Aloes and other succulents. In last few years they focused on variegated plants.

Robert Wellens´ wife (new photo)

From left: Michal susser, Robert Wellens and Pavel Smid (new photo)

Robert Wellens (right ), chief of this nursery is discussing with Pavel Smid.

Michal Susser is searching for new Haworthias.

Robert Wellens is showing us laboratory (new photo)

new photo

...outside the greenhouse (new photo)


Robert said...

Nice pictures !
Hope to see you soon again


Anonymous said...

oh. just curious. why is it called as a tissue culture? and how do u guys tissue culture them? i mean wht steps do u have to do?