Haworthia angustifolia var. paucifolia

Haworthia angustifolia var. paucifolia, Near Coombs

Haworthia angustifolia var. paucifolia G.G.Smith

paucifolia: with few leaves

This variety grows along the lower Fish River around the old Kaffirdrift Police Station. It grows near H. reinwardtii and its variets.

Distribution map

Body of the plant is usually well drawn into the soil. Plants are generally smaller then normal form. These differences are not maintained in cultivation.

I have seen this variety at two localities - near Coombs and few km east of Kaffirdrift. Plants were mostly solitary , very well hidden between stones and only leave tips were visible above ground.

I have observed
Haworthia angustifolia var. paucifolia in collection and after couple years I could hardly see differences - they grew in same size and were offsetting...

Haworthia angustifolia var. paucifolia, 3 km W. Kaffirdrift Police Station NEW!
Photo by Ingo Breuer

Known localities:
  • Frazers Camp (3326BD)
  • Kaffirdrift (3327AC)
  • Coombs (3326BD)
  • Kayalami (3326BD)
  • Shaw Park, near Trappes Valley (3326BD)

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Julie said...

Oh, how I dream of coming there to see the succulents! What a grand time you must have seeing all that you do, living in the wild.