Haworthia woolleyi

H. woolleyi, N. Middelwater

Haworthia woolleyi V.Poelln.

: after C.H.T. Woolley.

H. woolleyi
has leaves attached to stem in similar was as H. attenuata. H. woolleyi has obscurely tessellate leaves. It is known only from one locality South of Kleinpoort.
Although in cultivation is quite common, in nature it is a very rare.

Distribution map

The locality was almost destroyed - large clumps of plants are gone (may be by mindless collected) and rest is almost "eaten" by stock. It was for me surprise to locate a couple of these beautiful plants very well hidden under the bushes. Recently I travelled around and found out, that the locality was fenced. This a good news for plants protection - hopefuly it won´t be overgrazed in future in case they will keep any stock in side.

H. woolleyi is slowly proliferous and propagation can be done from offsetts or from seeds. It is a very slow grower and the not easy one.

H. woolleyi, N. Middelwater
H. woolleyi, N. Middelwater
Locality of H. woolleyi, N. Middelwater

H. venosa ssp. woolleyi

Known localities:
  • S. Kleinpoort (3324BD)
  • Springbok Flats (3324BD)
  • Sandpoort (3324BD)

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