Dr. Hayashi in Prague

Dr. Masahiko Hayashi

In May 2008 Dr. Hayashi has visited Czech Republic. He asked me to help him organize his stay, so I took him to some of the best haworthia collections in Czech Republic.
It was the first time I have met him and he is very nice man with extraordinary knowledges about haworthias cultivation and localities.

First we have visited my own collection, we spent there many hours of discusion about plants. He also explained me his taxonomic system. I asked him to do it, because I would like to introduced to you here in near future.

Part of my collection

In the afternoon we visited Milan Zajpt near Usti nad Labem. He has nice big greenhouse with succulent mixture. He has started with Haworthias a couple years ago and his collection is growing nicely.

Next morning we visited Petr Pavelka´s nursery - the best source of succulents in Czech Republic.

...with Petr Pavelka

Searching for new items to his collection

In the afternoon my friend Pavel Smid took us with him to his greenhouse near Chomutov. When Dr. Hayashi was summarizing his stay, he votes Pavel collection as the best one. It is true, because Pavel has a couple hundreds of nice, perfect grown mature plants mostly from group H. arachnoidea and blackbeardiana.

with Pavel Smid and H. jansenvillensis group

Next morning Dr. Hayashi went by him selve to Prague historic centre. I met him after the lunch and we travelled to Sobeslav to see my friend Michal Susser´s collection. Michal has two greenhouses full of succulents, mostly Haworthias. He is also keen grower from seed.

with Michal Susser

Last visit I have organised for Dr. Hayashi was near Beroun. Here we met Fanda Vesely and he guided us through his collection. His collection was in perfect condition.

with Fanda Vesely

Next morning Dr. Hayashi was leaving, I hope he enjoyed his stay in Czech Republic.

And also he brings me as a gift a couple of perfect Haworthias - some hybrids and a specimen of his H. zenigata - wow, what a wonderful plant!I will later publish some photos...

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Julie said...

What a wonderful guest and tour you gave him! Awesome! Am looking forward to seeing your "gift" plants!