Pavel Smid

I know Pavel Smid now for almost six years. He started from "zero", but now he has one of the best Haworthia and Gasteria collections in Czech Republic.

He is focussing mainly on the "soft leave"
Haworthia forms like H. arachnoidea, H. decipiens, H. jansenvillensis or H. blackbeardiana group.

Pavel Smid with Dr. Hayashi

Most plants from his collection come from part of the Ingo Breuer collection, which he reduced some time ago.

He is also growing Gasterias - he has most of Ingo Breuer´s Gasteria collection at his place.

This summer he is moving with his collection closer to Prague, so I´m looking forward to visit him more often in the future.

Below see some photos from his "old" greenhouse.

Haworthia jansenvillensis "kemari", Meerlust

Haworthia lanata, SW. Ladismith

Haworthia minima, Swellendam

Pavel´s wife favourite plants - Euphorbias

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