Petr Pavelka

Left part of the greenhouse

Petr is running nursery Palkowitschia, which is specializating to South African and Madagascar succulents. He has the best quality of succulents groing from seeds or offsets. You can also find here nice Haworthia and Gasteria offer.

Right part of the greenhouse - sales area

Petr Pavelka, Petr´s son Petr Pavleka junior and Dr. Hayashi

Nursery from outside

I know him already for almost ten years and when I was studying I use to work in my free time in his greenhouse.

Every time I visit him I buy some new plants for my collection!

Haworthia and Gasteria collection

Succulents in free bed

Haworthia and Gasteria sales area

H. minima from Swellendam

H. maxima cv. donut

H. marginata from near Drew

H. globifera from Touwsberg

H. arachnoidea var. gigas (scrabrispina) from Koup station

H. isabellae (?) from Houtkloof

Lithops seedlings

Dioscorea in same size as Petr junior


Julie said... eyes almost popped out when I saw this Dioscorea!!!!! HUGE!!!!! I wonder how long it took to grow this large??? OMG!!!!!

olga said...

i love Petr's collection, and the most impressive is how lithops are grown - just outside the nursery up to the -5 and still they are ok!