Chrudim - closing the cactus season 2008

Every year, last weekend in september is happening the biggest sale - closing the cactus season in Chrudim. Couple thousand people visited regurarly this event. Visitors come from Czech, Slovak, Poland or Germany.

I meet here every year all my succulents friends, this year for example I met Sebastian Schramm (Germany, near Passau), with whom I worked at Ingo Breuer´s place for a couple weeks.

Many superb rare plants can be found here for really "discount" prices. You must be there and see it on your own eyes!

Sales tables are every where....crowds of people too...

Petr Pavelka - is selling mainly Madagascar plants, Haworthias and other rare succulents

Jarda Husner - is selling mainly Mesemb and some Aloes

Jiri Maule - is selling mix of plants, he grows bulbs

Jiri Hadamovsky - is selling mix of plants, he grows "everything"

Michal Susser and his wife - is selling Haworthia and Gasterias

Lubos Hojny - is selling mix of plants, mainly Euphorbias, Pachypodiums, caudex plants and Ceropegias

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