Colloquium in Pilsen - September 2008

In September was hold colloquium in Pilsen. Organizer was Pilsen cactus club. This meeting and sale show happens regurarly every second saturday in September every year.

In the morning are displayed plants for sale. You can find here nice and rare cactus and succulents for "friendly" price.

In the afternoon there some talks on cactus and succulents from trips to their home countries. Unfortunately this year was no succulent talk, only cactus ones... I hope may be next year.

That´s me...

Lubos Hojny

Tomas Tenciky and Jirka Hadamovsky


Radka Matulova

Michal and Michal Susser

Radka Matulova and Jirka Maule

Vaclav Prochazka

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Julie said...

What a wonderful event and plant sale!!! Everyone looked so happy to be there...even YOU!!! LOL! Neat pics!!!