Jarda Husner

Jarda Husner and his collection

I know Jarda Husner for many years since I have started with growing plants. He used to have his greenhouse in Beroun, recently he moved to Hyskov, few km away from Beroun. He has built a large greenhouse at his new place, but now it is getting rapidly full again.

Jarda is growing mainly some Mesembs and Aloes. I think he has the largest Aloe collection in Czech Republic. Also some Haworthias and Gasterias can be found in his collection.

He is a very nice person and his knowledges about plants are comprehensive.

Mesemb (Lithops) seedlings

Haworthia "corner"

Haworthia kingiana, Great Brak

Haworthia gigas, Koup Station

Haworthia bayeri, Uniondale

Haworthia maxima cv. donut

Haworthia maxima cv. donut seed capsules


Aiyana said...

This is what I call a serious collector!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the contacts for Jarda Husner?
So many interesting plants :-)