Tomas Tencik

Tomas Tencik in his greenhouse

Tomas Tencik has got his greenhouse not far away from Fanda Vesely - I have visited Fanda several times and he was telling me about Tomas´s collection. Last month I have finaly oportunity to see Tomas Tencik´s collection on my eys.

His greenhouse is on the garden behind the house of his family (mother and brother). First suprise was that there are two great collections in this greenhouse - Tomas´s and his mother´s. Together it forms very interesting and colorfull collection.

Tomas Tencik in his greenhouse

Tomas is growing mainly Mesembs and Haworthias. From Haworthias he focus on growing plants from seeds. His seedling of the same age are almost double sized as mine...

Haworthia collection

Haworthia mucronata EA 625

Haworthia retusa EA 1214

Haworthia cymbiformis var. obtusa SW. Alicedale

Haworthia maxima Rooiberg, W. Robertson

Haworthia wimii Garcia´s Pass

Haworthia mutica

Haworthia pygmaea var. argenteo-maculosa Humor

Haworthia chromutica Heidelberg

Haworthia lockwoodii

I have also took some pictures of flowering Conophytums and Lithops:

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