Vaclav Prochazka

Vaclav Prochazka with his Haworthia collection.

Vaclav Prochazka is a very keen cacti and succulents grower from Pilsen, Czech Republic. I have visited him several times in recent few years and every time I´m at his place, I have to admire his beautiful and perfectly grown plants.

He has several smaller greenhouses on his garden. I think in half of them you can find cacti and in others nice collection of succulents. He has interesting collection of Haworthias. He grows them during growing season outside the greenhouses on the tables - just protected from direct sun and rain. All plants are in superb condition.

Vaclav has been a couple times in South Africa in previous years and has seen many interesting Haworthias and Gasterias.

Haworthia collection

Haworthia tessellata from De Rust

Gasteria brachyphylla from Schoemanspoort

Gasteria brachyphylla from Schoemanspoort

Gasteria batesiana "dark form" from Barberton

Gasteria batesiana "dark form" from Barberton

Haworthia truncata

Haworthia picta var. janvlokii, Kammanssie Dam

Haworthia lockwoodii

Haworthia wittebergensis

Cacti collection

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Julie said...

What an amazing collection! I want some truncata!!!