Haworthia paradoxa

H. paradoxa, Vermaaklikheid

Haworthia paradoxa V.Poelln.

paradoxa: paradoxical.

H. paradoxa is stemless, slowly proliferous species up to 8 cm in diameter. Leaves are on tips translucent and lined with spines on the margins. Colour is brownish-green on full sunlight.

Distribution map

H. paradoxa is known only from the vicinity of Vermaaklikheid. It seems to be associated with limestones here. It is very similar both vegetatively and florally to H. wimii and H. breueri. As you can see below, authors (taxonomists) are not sure, where H. paradoxa belongs - it was in past under H. magnifica, H. maraisii and last sensu Bayer under H. mirabilis.

H. paradoxa can be easily propagated by seeds or offsetts. It grows in collections without any problems.

H. paradoxa, Vermaaklikheid
H. paradoxa, Vermaaklikheid
H. paradoxa, Vermaaklikheid
H. paradoxa, Vermaaklikheid
Locality of H. paradoxa, Vermaaklikheid

H. maraisii var. paradoxa, H. magnifica var. paradoxa, H. mirabilis var. paradoxa

Known localities:
  • Vermaaklikheid (3421AC)
  • S. Vermaaklikheid (3421AC)
  • 3 km SE. Vermaaklikheid (3421AC)
  • SW. Vermaaklikheid (3421AC)

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