Trip to Holland, Belgium and Germany

Me and Cok Grootscholten

Trip to Holland, Belgium and Germany

October 2008

In the second weekend in October I have travelled with my friends from Pilsen - Radka, Jirka and their daughter Rosie to Germany, Holland and Belgium. I wanted to show them all famous nurseries in these countries...

In Germany we visited Ingo Breuer - Eden Plants and Ernst and Marita Specks - Exotica nursery. Than we continued to Belgium - there we met Francois Hoes. In Holland we visited Succulent Tissue Culture - Robert Wellens and Cok and Ine Grootscholten´s nursery.

We enjoyed this trip very much - see photo album from this event.

Link to the photo album

Thanks for great photos to their authors - Radka Matulova and Jirka Maule!!!!

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Julie said...

Is there a bigger succulent enthusiast than you in the whole entire world??? It is debatable, but somehow I doubt there could be!!! LOL. Great photos, and looked like a wonderful trip!!!