Haworthia Study

Haworthia Study

Editor: Dr. M. Hayashi

The honorary representative for Haworthia Study outside Japan is Harry Mays, Woodsleigh, Moss Lane, St Michaels on Wyre, Preston, PR3 0TY, UK. E-mail: hmays@freenetname.co.uk

Haworthia Study is the biannual journal of the Japanese Haworthia Society. It is published in June and December, each with approximately 16 A4 pages. Text: Japanese and English. Well illustrated with colour photos. Japanese hybrids and cultivars are featured regularly plus a variety of articles on species and their classification.

Subscription rates for Haworthia Study

For residents of Japan, membership of the Haworthia Society of Japan, which includes Haworthia Study, costs some Ł60.

For Alsterworthia International members resident outside Japan, Haworthia Study is available at the specially negotiated rate of Ł16 per year. Only one subscription per member is allowed. Journals are sent to Harry Mays in bulk for distribution with the next issue of Alsterworthia International.

Haworthia Study back issues

Back issue numbered 1 to 8 (1998 - 2002) are available to Alsterworthia International members outside Japan at the special rate of Ł50, a significant saving. Only one purchase per person is allowed. They will be sent to purchasers direct from Japan, but payment must be made in advance to Harry Mays.

Back issues from 2003 are available at the normal annual subscription rate of Ł16.00 a year with payments to Harry Mays.

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