Essays on Haworthia - Volume 5

Just short note to all - new book from Bruce Bayer will be available soon. If you want to order it, please contact Harry Mays (details are below the article).

Here is a message from Harry Mays:

We are now in the process of printing Bruce Bayer's Essays on Haworthia
Volume 5. Details are:

199 A4 pages, gloss art paper, card cover.
ISBN 978-0-9552726-4-6
Recommended price £49.50 + £4 uninsured surface mail postage.
Alsterworthia International members are entitled to a discount (one copy
each) provided the book is ordered direct from Alsterworthia International,

Part 1.
Chapter 1. Winding down on Haworthia. 1-2
Chapter 2. Haworthia Reality Check 3-4
Chapter 3. Haworthia deglamorized. A recapitulation. 5-18
Chapter 4. Haworthia retusa 19-38
Chapter 5. Haworthia mirabilis 39-70
Chapter 6. Haworthia floribunda. 71-83
Chapter 7. Haworthia minima 84-90
Plant and other colour photographs index 90-91
Part 2.
Chapter 8. An extension of H. rossouwii. 92-95
Chapter 9. More on H. floribunda and H. mirabilis. 96-101
Chapter 10. Haworthia 'enigma' and H.. mutica var. nigra. 102-128
Chapter 11. What is Haworthia schoemanii? 129-132
Chapter 12. More on H. venosa 'granulata' 133-138
Chapter 13. A February 2009 miscellany. 139-166
Chapter 14. Haworthia jakubii - another new species? 167-169
Chapter 15. A view of Haworthia marumiana 'dimorpha' 170-181
Chapter 16. New populations of Haworthia chloracantha, H. parksiana
and H. kingiana. 182-191
Haworthia species list - Bruce Bayer Feb 22nd 2009 192-193
Acknowledgements 194
Plant and other colour photographs index 195-196
Haworthia Study 196
Haworthia Books by Bruce Bayer, Ingo Breuer & Dr. M. Hayashi 197
Alsterworthia International 198-199


We print all articles in their entirety with ALL PHOTOS,
which are an essential part of Bayer's writings, not only for his species
concept, but also because they constitute a photographic herbarium of
habitat plants essential
for all scientists and hobbyists seriously interested in the subject.

Alsterworthia International is happy to share information for the common
good, which is why our policy is to promote and facilitate the publication
of information without favour or gain. Therefore, copyright for that which
Alsterworthia International publishes is NOT reserved to Alsterworthia
International. It is the property of the author. Bayer gladly allows other
publishers to make use of his articles in whole or in part.
Acknowledgements would of course be appreciated.

Harry Mays
Editor, Alsterworthia International.
Coordinator, Cultivar Project
World Agent, Haworthia Study
Woodsleigh, Moss Lane
St Michaels on Wyre
Preston, PR3 0TY

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