Haworthia tenera

H. tenera, near Hunts Drift

Haworthia tenera V.Poelln.

tenera: tender or delicate.

H. tenera is smaller, stemless plant, slowly offsetting. Colour is greyish-green, leaves usually spined. Some glabrous forms were reported as well. The size of rosette is around 3-4 cm in diameter.

Distribution map

H. tenera is growing north-east and east of Grahamstown. At Plutosvale are many different population, some glabrous, thers spined. It co-occur with H. incurvula, which grows nearby at different spots. Plant from south-east Committees Drift was described as a new species H. cummingii, mainly because its size, shape and  growing conditions. It will be discussed in separed article.

H. tenera is well known in cultivation and is quite easy species to grow. Propagation is usually done by offsetts.

H. tenera, near Hunts Drift
H. tenera, near Hunts Drift
H. tenera, near Hunts Drift
H. tenera, near Hunts Drift
Locality of H. tenera, near Hunts Drift

H. translucens subsp. tenera, H. gracilis var. tenera

Known localities:
  • Plutosvale (3326BA)
  • Top of Plutosvale (3326BA)
  • Glenelg (3326BA)
  • near Fletchers farm (3326BA)
  • S. Hunts Drift (3326BB)
  • Hunts Drift (3326BB)
  • S. Committees (3326BB)

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