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Haworthia pygmaea var. argenteo-maculosa, Humor

Haworthia & Gasteria
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Julie said...

Love your site...very informative!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations with your wonderful site !! It is very nice and informative, I hope it encourages many people to start to grow and collect haworthia's.

Robert Wellens, Holland

grootscholten said...

Hi Jakub.
GREAT SITE, You have done a good work, to make this site and let everyone see your nice shots !!
see you when I have more time I will spend an evening to see it all well.
Cok Grootscholten

Anonymous said...

Wonderful site.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Endlich ein BLOG zu Haworthia ;-)))
Sehr erfreulich!

Anonymous said...

Lovely and highly addictive! Díky, moc pěkné stránky, fascinující obsah i fotky (hlavně ty z přírody!).. A to postupné doplňování obsahu byl taky dobrý tah!:) Je lákavé vracet se a stránku, ktera žije, roste a košatí.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful informative site. The pictures have helped me a great deal in identifying the haworthia I have and those I wish I had too :)

Katia Horn said...

Hi Jakub!
Congratulations for the great job!
I am Brazilian and love of succulent.
your site is now source of research for me.
Excuse my English, I'm using Google's translation feature ... hehe ...
in my blog published some pictures of gasterias and harwotia:
Thanks, Katia

EB said...

Interesting site; I'd like to follow your blog, but I can't see a link anywhere for doing this! (I mean "follow" in blogger's sense)

Nate Geesaman said...

Excellent work putting together this site. I am a Haworthia and Gasteria enthusiast from Salt Lake City, Utah in the United States. The photos of Haworthia in habitat that you put together are simply beautiful. You also seem very well connected to some great European Haworthia growers. I love the photos of their collections. Thanks for making such a fine site. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Finally a great site which contains all the information and photos I need! I have been collecting Haworthias as an amateur for years. Thank you for this splendid resource.

Fernando said...

A real pleasure to visit your page and learn more about Haworthia. Thanks for sharing your interests.
Fernando Fernández

Anonymous said...

Lovely site ! Beautiful pictures and clear information.

greetings from Belgium

Unknown said...

Good day to you
I am enjoying and learning a great deal about many of the succulents that I collect and love. Now that I live in England after 30 years in Australia, my specimens are more limited and in pots.
Anyhow forgive me asking a question, my Gasteria baylissiana, that is one from the planting, is oozing a clear jelly from the leaf base? I have wiped off a previous 'blob' thinking, perhaps bird, insect--other dropping but it has happened again. this a first experience of this kind. Can anyone throw some light on the occurrence?
Thank you for your time.
Jeff ak hardart

JonBales said...

Greetings from Stamps, Arkansas in the United States!

You have a wonderful and informative site. I love the photos and envy you being able to travel to South Africa to photograph these!

Unknown said...

Thanks for your informative website. I learned a lot from it.
EMB in Washington, D.C.

alpika said...

Ahoj Jakub,
Many thanks for your enthusiastic work!
Pity, we overlooked this special plants during our trip to SA this January.
I`ll be back
Moscow, Russia

alpika said...

Ahoj Jakub
Many thanks for your enthusiastic work!
Pity, we overlooked this special plants during our trip to SA at this January.
I`ll be back. :-)
Moscow, Russia

Linda said...

Hi Jakub

Thanks for an awesome site of Haworthia info. It's awesome that you appreciate South African succulents. It is truly inspiring! I can now learn more of this group of succulents. Proudly SA!


Petr said...

Překrásné stránky, hodně informací a skvělé fotografie z nalezišť , miluji sukulenty a rod Haworthia mě fascinuje :) Fandím. Petr H.

Rian said...

Al 23 jaar geniet ik van jullie planten. Elk jaar prachtige bloemen:-))
En een prachtige website.