About me

Groenrivier, Richtersveld, 2015.

My name is Jakub and I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I´m working in HR department in power industry, succulents are my hobby. I have created this web page to share my experience, photos and enthusiasm for Haworthia, Gasteria and other south African succulents.

My favorite plants apart from Haworthia, Astroloba and Gasteria are other south African succulents like Crassula, Aloe and Adromischus. My first visit in South Africa was in 2000. Since then I visit RSA regularly, climbing the hills and looking for Haworthias and others. In total I spent over 2 years of my life in Southern Africa countries. Mainly in South Africa, but also in Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

I´m growing only plants with good locality data and from reliable sources. In my collection I have more than 2000 different items of Haworthia and my greenhouse in full loaded, but that´s life.

on locality of H. asema, near Calitzdorp, Western Cape, RSA 2009

E. horrida, W of Willowmore, 2010.

Harnas Farm, Namibia 2007


Anonymous said...

hola soy abraham de peru pero vivo a roma italia...tu pagina es impresionante disculpa si escribo en spanish pero e s mi idioma ..yo tengo al igual q tu esta pasion por las plantas crasas ok felicitaciones....

Anonymous said...

hi im Emanuele from cortona italia, i've started to live haworthias because i like vaiegated clones of cactus and succulent, so i've see on the net some realy nice photo, but the only i've find are a cimbriformis variegata form, so if you or somebody you know sell variegates havorthias or can tel me wen i can find some of this nice plants i'm realy grateful, sorry for my poor english,
have fun and have care!

TropicalW@aol.com said...

Thank your for such a wonderful web site, and your deligence in collecting and documenting. Hope you have the new greenhouse completed. We would love to purchase some of your documented succulents. Ours got badly unidentified during our last two hurricanes, but they do very well here in South Florida. Trying to identify from your pictures, but think most of mine are hybrids Bruce Pearson Tropical World Nursery Boynton BEach, Fl email TropicalW@aol.com

Anonymous said...

Jakub, post more photos! chris

bRUCE said...

Hello Jakub - I am not a regular visitor and it sure is a nice site - but you note that I put retusa under turgida when it is turgida under retusa.

Unknown said...

Great informative site, thanks for all your dedication.
I have a question about Haworthias, you said that in order to pollinate Haworthias you need 2 genetically different plants. This doesn't make sense to me. How can a species be true to itself if it can't use its own pollen? Or at least both parents be of the same genetic makeup if they cross pollinated.

Kuba said...

Re Keith Haworth:
99,9% of all Haworthias are not self pollinating - it means you need genetically different plants = at least 2 clones (from same locality) to pollinate them successfully. I´m not doing hybrids - that´s why I said 2 clones from same locality (same coll. number) - to be sure you propagate good material with locality data.

Anonymous said...

Hi there
I'm in Australia and wanting to know if you sell Haworthia seeds and if you do can you send to Australia

I'm looking at buying a large amount of different types


Jon Schwark said...

Thanks for maintaining this great resource. I use it often researching my succulent passion. You actually beat LLifle as a reference for Haworthias and Gasterias. I'm going to start linking back here for species descriptions from my own blog. Keep enjoying your passion! I'd love to see more photos in your greenhouse.

Ancalagon said...

Hi! I dont know if youre reading this cause I saw that the last update was from December '16, but anyway I want to tell that I just came across this blog and Im grateful for your work, its difficult to find good photos of this genus (specially Astroloba) and you are helping me a lot to learn more about this plants. Again, thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Jakub ... well done. I am a South African and enjoy your blog more & more every time. Your passion and great pics (the best by far) are inspiring and absolute eye candy.

Throughpinkglasses said...

Nice page. A man with passion...thats good. I found your page trying to identify a plant that I bought in a supermarket:) Plus, my life partner is of South Africana origin:). Greetings from Poland / Pozdrowienia z Polski.

Unknown said...

Hello Jacub,
Your talks on haworthia etc is a very good ides in these times of lockdown and social distancing. I just seen your past list of meetings which I missed. Is it possible to let me know whenever you will hold another one via email please.
Alfred Falzon from Malta