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Taxonomy - our nightmare

Haworthia & Gasteria

First of all, I´d like to mention - I´m not taxonomist, I´m enjoying growing plants with locality data and studying them in nature. I´m not a friend of changing labels and names on my plants every year.

But... At the moment there are three "taxonomist" working with genus Haworthia. First is Martin Bruce Bayer from South Africa, second is Ingo Breuer from Germany and third is Masahiko Hayashi from Japan.

For more detailes about Bruce Bayer´s look to the link below. I will publish here soon his article about current situation in genus Haworthia. He published many books - for example Haworthia Revisited, a Revision of the Genus by Bruce Bayer (1999) and in recent years his Essays on Haworthia - Volume 1 - 4.

Ingo Breuer elaborated Bayer´s previous taxonomy. He use most of his names and include some new taxons. He finished his first two parts of "World of Haworthia", wher in first volume he lists descriptions in order of autors and in second volume he lists all published Haworthia names, He is still working on his volume three, where he wants to publish his taxonomy. At the moment (so far I know) he is examining new names published by Hayashi. You can find his list of names, but it is still not final version.

Masahiko Hayashi has got different view on genus Haworthia. He is using for every different locality form new name. He groups plants in "sections". All his work is being publish at Japanese journal Haworthia Study. I´m trying to sumarize his names at the moment - so in near future again you will find all informations here. 

Gordon Rowley´s recent combinations in Haworthia

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