Haworthia turgida ´caespitosa´, Tradouw Pass

Below see the sources of Haworthia and Gasteria. Mentioned are only those I have personal experiences with:

Eden Plants

  • Eden plants nursery has one of the best Haworthia and Gasteria offer in Europe. All plants are with perfect locality data and in good size.
  • You can order via internet shop on their webpages.
  • Ingo Breuer, Oberbruch, Graf-von-Galen-Str. 105, 52525 Heinsberg, Germany,,

Succulenten kwekerij Cok en Ine Grootscholten

  • Cok has impressive collection, not only Haworthias and Gasterias, but also other succulents and cacti.
  • You can obtain plants only if you visit personally their nursery (and it is more than worth to visit them!).
  • Vijverberglaan 5, 2675 LC Honselersdijk, The Netherlands,,

Palkowitschia - Petr Pavelka

  • Petr is offering succulents mostly from South Africa and Madagascar. Look at his online catalogue on the webpage.
  • He is also offering many interesting books.
  • You can order via email or post.
  • He has also travel agency and is organising trips to Madagascar and South America.
  • Touzimska 670, 19900 Praha, Czech Republic,,

Francois Hoes

Succulent Tissue Culture

Sheilam nursery

  • One of the two remaining nurseries in South Africa.
  • They are offering plants with locality data, mostly collections of Bruce Bayer.
  • You can order via email, but be prepared for a lot paperwork (which costs money ofcourse) – but still, it is a good source for new localities and collection numbers.
  • In past I had problems with worst quality (size) of plants, but now it seems to improve.
  • Sheilam Nursery, PO Box 157, Robertson 6705, Republic of South Africa, Tel/Fax 027 23 51-4133,,

Gariep plants

  • Kotie Retief has large offer of Haworthias and Gasterias, lot of them are from tissue culture. Also nice book offer is available.
  • You can order from his web page – online shop.
  • I have good experince with size and quality of their plants.
  • Kotie Retief, P.O. Box 11017, Hatfield, 0028 Pretoria, Republic of South Africa,,

Fyntwa nursery

  • This nursery from Oudtshoorn, South Africa, is run by Martin Scott
  • They offer nice selection of Haworthia seedlings, you have to ask for actual list
  • Prices are quite high, but the quality of plants is excellent

Izimakana nursery - Vincent de Vries

J.A. Audissou

Norbert Kleinmichel


Unknown said...

Can you recommend reputable source in the US of A?

Anonymous said...

I've had very good luck with plants from SMG Succulents ( ). Very nice plants at reasonable prices with reasonable shipping. They are located in the US state of Oregon.

Ano said...

Impressive!Thanks for the post.
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