Great African Succulent Adventure 2009

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Finaly. Again after a few years I was able to get back to South Africa, home of my favourite plants. It was a great adventure and I really enjoyed it! I was in total two months on the way...

First five weeks I´ve travelled with my friends mostly through the Western Cape. Our main target was to explore some areas or revisit "known" localities of Haworthias, Gasterias and Astrolobas. I´ve climbed many hills and mountains and took thousands pictures of plants.

That were first five weeks - after that I decided to have "a rest" from plants and accompanied by group of my friends, we rented two 4x4 vehicles and travelled for another four weeks to Botswana and Zambia. This time it was "a normal" tourist trip - just a very few succulents, but many more elephants and other game was there!!!

Addo elephant National Park

And now, after two months of great holidays, I´m going to share here with you my "best of" selection of the almost 9000 photos taken in South Africa.
If you want to see more, visit my bookstore page. You will find there in books each trip, day by day and locality by locality.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the info and photos from your trip. I envy you. I have done a digital presentation using photos from Dave Martin's trip to South Africa several years ago and I'll be presenting a copy of it to the program library of the CSSA. Therefore I'm very interested in your observations and photos.

Thanks again.