Where do they grow

East of Jansenville - typical habitat of H. jansenvillensis, H. odetteae and H. nigra
Where do they grow?

Find below the selection of places and landscapes from South Africa. All these are examples of Haworthia, Gasteria and Astroloba habitatas where they are growing. This is my "best of" selection of places and localities... 

near Grahamstown - typical habitat of H. angustifolia
Schoemanspoort, N of Oudtshoorn - many nice plants are here around: H. arachnoidea v. setata, arachnoidea/mucronata, scabra, starkiana, graminifolia...
near Herold - locality for H.heroldia (H. outeniquensis sensu Bayer), plants grow under these trees
near Huntsdrift - locality for H. cooperi var. pilifera, tenera and G. excelsa
near Tyolomnqua River bridge - typical habitat of H. cooperi v. doldii
Helspoort - typical situation for H. caerulea (H. gracilis sensu Bayer), H. coarctata and Astroloba congesta are nearby
near Hankey - this is locality of H. isabellae and G. pulchra, they are doing quite well here
S of Steytlerville, locality  of H. decipiens, H. nigra and Astroloba foliolosa
near Vermaaklikheid - H. paradoxa likes this sort of situation
grassy habitat near Kenton-on-Sea, type locality (and only known) for H. cooperi v. vanusta. Around are present as well H. coarctata and G. nitida
Kariega - habitat of H. cymbiformis, G. bicolor and H.coarctata
near Worcester - typical habitat of T. maxima, H. herbacea, H. reticulata, H. arachnoidea v. arachnoidea and G. retusa
Sandberg, S of Robertson - attractive form of H.maraisii is here as well with many T. maxima
Kranskop - habitat of strenge form of H. notabilis, nearby is growing H. maraisii and H. intermedia
near Barrydale - around town can be found several nice plants like H. mucronata aff. inconfluens, H. arachnoidea v. setata, T. maxima, H. arachnoidea v. nigricans, Astroloba corrugata and H. maraisii
Wittebergrivier Valley - H. lockwoodii, H. archeri, H. arachnoidea aff. nigricans, T. maxima and Astroloba bullulata are present around
near Floriskraal Dam - typical habitat of H. arachnoidea v. scabrispina, H. lockwoodii and interesting form of Astroloba hallii
S of Calitzdorp - habitat of H. arachnoidea 'scottii', H. viscosa and Astroloba spiralis
Calitzdorp Dam - H. arachnoidea v. setata, H. asema, H. scabra and G. brachyphylla are present in these hills around
Buffelskloof - H. asema is here together with H. blackburniae, H. viscosa, H. arachnoidea v. setata, H. scabra and H. mucronata v. calitzensis
near Die Bordjie - habitat of H. sordida
SW of Greyton - typical habitat of H. mirabilis var. triebneriana
Worcester - around the town are common H.herbacea and T. maxima
near Goudmyn - locality of H. reticulata v. hurlingii, Astroloba rubriflora and H. meiringii
Saffraanrivier (Moerasrivier), TL of H. picta, nearby are also H. arachnoidea v. nigricans, H. arachnoidea v. aranea, H. scabra, T. zenigata, H. outeniquensis, G. brachyphylla v. bayeri, H. cooperi 'crystallina' and recently was found close to here attractive form of H. bayeri aff.
Red Hills, S of Oudtshoorn, many interesting plants are here - G. brachyphylla v. bayeri, H. bayeri, H. mucronata v. morrissiae, H. scabra, H. viscosa, Astroloba spiralis and H. arachnoidea aff. nigricans
Gouritz River Bridge, where H. mucronata v. rycroftiana is growing
near Zandkraal, on these low foothills are growing H. breueri, H. arachnoidea v. nigricans, G. brachyphylla and Astroloba corrugata
near Oudekraalkop, H. serrata (H. rossouwii sensu Bayer), H. maraisii, T. minima and T. marginata are present around
near Infanta, locality of H. bobii
Die Kop, strongly agricultured area, where only bits of natural vegetation are left. Amongst them are here H. hammeri, H. mutica and H. maraisii with G. carinata
Breede River, near Swellendam - H. venosa likes this rocky slopes above the river
near Ntwane, locality of H. koelmaniorum
near Rietfontein, locality of H. koelmaniorum var. mcmurtryi
near Anysberg, locality of H. globifera, around are growing many nice plants like H. arachnoidea v. nigricans, H. blackburniae, H. viscosa, Astroloba smutsiana and G. brachyphylla v. bayeri
near Calitzdorp, locality of H. maughanii
N-entrance of Swartberg, G. vlokii and  H. aff. viridis can be found around
Beaufort West, H. tessellata, H. semiviva, H. nigra v. diversifolia, Astroloba robusta and G. disticha v. robusta are growing around
between Heidelberg and Riversdale, H. retusa / retusa v. nigra is growing here
near Riversdale, locality of H. retusa / magnifica (vernalis), nearby are growing floribunda and minima as well
near Heidelberg rubbish dump is a locality of T. marginata. There used to be quite a lot of them, but unfortunatelly recently overgrazing caused almost destroying whole population, only last few plants are surviving here. On nearby hills are growing heidelbergensis, turgida, floribunda and minima.
Kransriviermond, TL of H. retusa v. nigra. Nearby were found interesting magnifica / floribunda aff. plants.
Boesmansrivier, E of McGregor - on these steep slopes is growing H. mirabilis 'diversicolor'
high on Potberg slopes grows H. variegata var. modesta, forming dense clusters
between Ladismith and Barrydale, habitat of H. picta and H. viscosa
W of Prince Albert are Astroloba herrei growing together with H. decipiens
between Ashton and Swellendam, on one of the farms called Nooitgedacht, believe or not - on this overgrazed slope is growing interesting form of H. maraisii aff., they remains untouched from cattle
S of Riversdale - typical habitat of H. variegata
Viskuil, S of Laingsburg - lot of interesting plants are growing here - H. arachnoidea var. scabrispina, pehlemanniae, viscosa, archeri and lockwoodii. From Astroloba genus are growing here A. bullulata, robusta, smutsiana and hallii
SW of Port Elizabeth at Indian Ocean coastline, typical habitat of G. acinacifolia
near Coega Kop, TL of H. xiphiophylla. H. attenuata and strenge form of H. cooperi are here as well
near Committees Drift at Fish River, TL of H. cummingii. Nearby is growing cymbiformis with occasional natural hybrids
W of Carlisle bridge, locality of H. nigra
top of Kabouga, you can expect here H. glauca/coarctata and cooperi 'puberula'
near Campherspoort, H. glauca var. herrei, zantneriana, jansenvillensis and decipiens var. minor are growing here
S of Klawer, locality of H. nortieri
top of Gifberg, strenge form of H. nortieri is growing here
Knersvlakte, one of the few known localities of H. nortieri 'agnis', H. tessellata is nearby as well
Tradouw Pass, locality of H. turgida and arachnoidea var. setata (cogmanensis sensu Breuer)
N of Willowmore, H. monticola and decipiens are growing here
near Kirkwood, on these hills are growing H. attenuata 'tanba' and interesting forms of cymbiformis like plants
near Robertson, typical habitat of H. maraisii
near Baviaan, habitat of H. archeri, arachnoidea v. scabrispina, G. disticha and  Astroloba bullulata
N of Potberg, habitat of H. maraisii and G. carinata
Ganagas Pass, H. granulata and H. arachnoidea v. namaquensis are growing here
near Merweville, typical habitat of H. nigra v. diversifolia and H. decipiens v. cyanea
between Swellendam and Heidelberg, typical habitat of H. magnifica v. atrofusca. H. maraisii, floribunda, serrata and retusa v. nigra are nearby as well
near Ashton, area with H. maraisii, T. marginata, G. disticha and strange form of heidelbergensis v. scabra
Heksrivier, SE of Citrusdale, habitat of H.nortieri aff.
view from Sandberg towards Brandvlei Dam, area where H. herbacea, pubescens and maculata meets together
near Montagu, habitat of H. maraisii and H. arachnoidea v. setata
Witteberg Mountains, unaccessible and remote area, where many nice plants are growing - H. marxii, H. arachnoidea aff. nigricans, H. arachnoidea 'isomorpha', H. wittebergensis, H. viscosa and mysterious H. grenieri (sp.nova). Many Astrolobas are around A. bullulata, hallii, robusta, corrugata, smutsiana and new discovery A. cremnophila. Other plants like H. arachnoidea v. scabrispina, H. lockwoodii, H. archeri and H. pehlemanniae are nearby
near Hartenbos, typical habitat of H. chloracantha v. denticulifera, T. minima and H. pygmaea
near Brandwacht - steep slope above running water, good place to look for H. turgida v. suberecta
one of the last few empty plot in Mossel Bay...and on the rocks there - nice clusters of H. chloracantha v. denticulifera
in area between Swellendam and Riversdale you often find these exposed areas, it is good place to look for H. floribunda, H. retusa nigra or H. magnifica like plants
early morning at TL of H. groenewaldii E of Swellendam
grassy hillas around Swellendam - good place to look for H. floribunda v. major
W of Napier, typical situation for H. mirabilis v. badia
Augrabies - locality of G. pillansii var. hallii and H. arachnoidea var. namaquensis, beautiful place with many nice succulents
one of the few localities of H. magnifica var. splendens, very sensitive habitat situation
E of Riversdale near Platkop, although farmer burn the land to get fresh grass fro his sheeps, H. floribunda and H. magnifica can survive it... 
between Swellendam and Heidelberg, typical spot for H. floribunda
mystical morning at Swellendam - H. floribunda var. major is around somewhere...
long walk to Moddergat mountains - looking towards Villiersdorp, interesting form of H. aff. livida/maraisii occurs here
Anenous pass, remote place, lot of nice plants are around - for example H. tessellata and G. pillansi
Bontebok park, near Swellendam - nice forms of H. floribunda, H. maraisii, H. venosa and T. minimacan be found here
view from Blosluiskloof Pass towards Gamkapoort Dam...no roads, what can be there? for sure attractive intermediate from of H. arachnoidea and H. decipiens...what else?
  early morning at Brandvlei dam.... area known for H. maculata
Cederberg Mountains, country of H. nortieri... and attractive nature around and excellent wine!
Cogmanskloof, famous for its rocks to climb and interesting form of H. arachnoidea 'cogmanensis'
trail through the mountains between McGregor and Greyton - only known area for H. mirabilis var. consanguine

Die Poort, end of civilization...place for very odd form of H. mucronata v. standeri, H. blackburniae, H. viscosa, H. arachnoidea and strenge form of G. brachyphylla
Cederberg Mountains, country of H. nortieri... and attractive nature around and excellent wine!

Great Karoo - area around Willowmore looks dry, but it is full of succulents. H. decipiens, H. monticola, H. viscosa and G brachyphylla are around.
The best Haworthias in Southern Africa grows on this farm - home of Gerhard Marx, S of Oudtshoorn
Area around Graaff-Reinet - homeland of H. bolusii and H. tessellata, H. marumiana and marumiana var. batesiana

Richtersveld, area near Klipbok - P. namaquanum with H. tessellata
view from top of Hammasberg, interesting form of H. livida grows here
Josephskraal farm, H. archeri and H. pehlemanniae can be found here
view point above Montagu, area with H. arachnoidea 'cogmanensis', H. arachnoidea/mucronata, T. maxima and H. maraisii
area in the mountains SW of Calitzdorp - magnificant view...only thing is to get there. Attractive form of H. blackburniae is aroundwith H. viscosa

early morning near Riversdale

early morning near Riversdale

near Bonnievale - lot of Haworthias  aroud - H. maraisii, H. heidelbergensis v. scabra, T. marginata, T. minima v. poellnitziana and famous H. mutica 'White widow' 

near Joubertina, area  with H. transiens, scabra, pungens and cooperi

busy road at Ceres Karoo

Nature´s Valley, locality of G. acinacifolia

near Hankey

near Anysberg

between Oudtshooen and Uniondale

Nougaspoort, locality of H. pulchella

near Riversdale

Rooiberg Pass, locality of H. picta with its guards

near Swellendam

near Committees Drift

W of Prince Albert, area where H. decipiens, H. marumiana var. viridis, H. viscosa and Astr. herrei are growing

near Swartberg Pass...on the way to G. vlokii

W of Anysberg, H. pulchella, viscosa and mucronata v. inconfluens are around

Spitskop, near Riversdale- TL of H. magnifica v. atrofusca

Richtersveld... I want to go back!!!!

Witteberg mountains... we spent here one of the best days in SA. H. wittebergensis grows around with H. arachnoidea 'isomorpha' and H. marxii is not that far away as well

view from top of Swartberg Pass towards Oudtshoorn

Tierberg, place for attractive form of marumiana 'marmorata' and H. decipiens var. cyanae

top of Wilgerfontein at Kabouga

full moon above Swartberg Mts

near Robertson

Zandkraal farm, locality of H. breueri


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