Fanda Vesely

Fanda with part of his collection

Fanda has started with mesemb. group, but soon he discovered Haworthias and since the time they occupy more and more space in his greenhouse.


He is a very good grower from seed, below you can find some photos of his seedlings. Specialy the one with H. graminifolia seedlings - it is quite rare and not easy plant.

Seedlings after almost a year

Seedlings 2 years old ready to be repotted

H. graminifolia seedlings

Fanda with Dr. Hayashi

Haw. jansenvillensis, N of Jansenville

Haw. chromutica ("mutica var. nigra"), Diepkloof

Haw. coarctata f. greenii, Howiesonspoort

Haw. decipiens, just N of Steytlerville

Haw. bayeri, De Rust

Haw. integra, Jan Muller´s Bridge

Haw. odetteae, near De Rust

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