Haworthia meeting

Eden Plants Nursery - Ingo Breuer´s greenhouse

at Ingo Breuer´s nursery

Haworthia meeting, August 2008, Oberbruch

The first weekend in
august was held Haworthia meeting in Oberbruch, Germany. Last couple years it was organised by Ingo Breuer, but this year Irmi and Torsten Dedows took charge of it. Many succulent growers from whole country (Germany) arrived to Oberbruch where Ingo Breuer and Dedows are living. I have joined this meeting for the second time and it was nice to met these people again.

In the friday afternoon first few visitors arrived. We met at Ingo´s greenhouse and after first hunt for a new plants we went for a very nice dinner at Greek restaurant nearby. On saturday morning, first "official" visit was at Exotica Nursery (Ernst and Marita Specks). I went there also to say hello to Ernst and Marita Specks. In the afternoon, whole group moved again to Eden Plants (Ingo Breuer) Nursery. In the late afternoon nice dinner and talk was prepaired at Dedows house. Meal was delicious.

Silvia Grätz and Norbert Kleinmichel at Ingo Breuer´s greenhouse

In the evening we have seen two very interesting talks on Haworthia, Gasterias and Aloes. First was held by Mr. and Mrs. Keller about their last trip to South Africa. We have seen a lot of perfect pictures of Aloes and other SA succulents. Second talk was by Norbert Kleinmichel from his numerous trips to SA - mostly from the region Richtersveld. He showed us many nice localities pictures of H. tessellata and H. arachnoidea var. namaquensis and other rare succulents. Great evening.

On sunday most of the participants went to Holland to see Cok Grootscholten nursery. Together arrived more than twenty people, I think it was a great success. Also the organisation from Irmi and Torsten Dedows was exemplary, thanks! I hope we will meet next year again ...

Hans Thorwarth at Ingo Breuer´s greenhouse

Ingo Breuer

Evening meal at Dedows house

Torsten and Irmi Dedows with Ingo Breuer

Silvia Grätz, Norbert Kleinmichel and Sebastian Schramm

...and best of all was that they had there best beer - from Czech repoublic....

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Looks like a great time!!! Nice beers too!