Special edition of travel books

I offer you great oportunity to visit South Africa with me. You do not need to hike all the hills, climb hundreds of fences and force your way through all the thorny bushes, watching out for snakes and be stressed what you will eat in the evening. You can enjoy this beautiful country from your living room. Just sit down, open a bottle and let the andventure begin!

From each expedition I made I publish a photo book - a kind of travel diary for me. It contents my experiences and findings - day by day, locality by locality - everything I saw on the trip. Every page has 3-4 photos of species and picture of locality to see where and how do they grow. Of course, in case I spot anything of interest around, you will find it here as well! I´m not a writer and my story is told in photos. 

I have tried several printing companies and Blurb seems (for me) to be the best. Book size is Large format landscape 33 x 28 cm, with very high printing quality and good paper. Usually book contains 500-1000 colour photos, each is with title. Number of pages is from 150 to 190. Delivery time is 2 weeks.

My profit on each book is 10 usd. If you buy my book, you will contribute for my next trip to Haworthia paradise. Thank you!

If you have question, please do not hesitate to ask me directly.

Order individually from Blurb.com.

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