Haworthia picta, Witkliprug
All you wanted to know about Haworthia & Gasteria

These pages are dedicated to succulent plants from south Africa - especially g
enera Haworthia, Gasteria and AstrolobaYou will find here all about these beautiful succulents. Photos, descriptions, data and all other interesting informations from their nature habitats in South Africa.

Haworthia picta, Witkliprug
All photos were taken during my trips to South Africa and Namibia and other countries in the region. The only things I have taken home with me were nice memories and photos, nothing else. Most of the photos were taken by me, if it is not the case, the author´s name is provided below the photo.

Astroloba corrugata, W. Barrydale
Haworthia mirabilis, Mierkraal
If you have any interesting photos of Haworthia, Astroloba or Gasteria taken in South Africa and you want to share them with others - just let me know and we can publish it on this web.

Gasteria brachyphylla, E. Ladismith
I´d like to thank the following authors for their photos:
Ingo Breuer, Bruce Bayer, Gerhard Marx, Martin Scott, David Martin, Scott Mc. Dermott and Vincent de Vries. Special thanks to Steven Molteno for his help with Astroloba section!

Please do not use any photographic or text material from this web without my permission.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jacub, very nice job you have done. I very much enjoyed looking at your pictures. Makes me dream to visit SAfrica again. Keep up the good work . Francois Hoes Belgium

Anonymous said...

Ať žijí Haworthias :)! Janka

Anonymous said...

This is a very informative site for all. Thank you for taking the time to put together a wonderful resource for these genus of plants.

Anonymous said...

At zije Jizni Afrikaa!! Bracha :-)

Editrix said...

This website is awesome. I live in Southern California and have many "captive" specimens of Gasteria and Haworthia in pots and planters. It's really wonderful to see your photos of their wild cousins free-ranging in their native habitat. Keep up the great work!

Ramesh Goyal said...

Your site is my Bible for Haworthia information. Inclusion of pictures of plants in cultivation and specific features of each genius will further help us identify plants.

Etwin said...

Great site you have put together Jacub !!
Keep up the good work.

Jacky Grundling said...

Although I live in South Africa I have never seen these plants in the wild. I have lots in containers and cultivate them too. I really enjoyed all you information and it made me understand a lot more!
Jacky Grundling

Vicki said...
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Kuba said...

Hi Vicki, send me pls photos of your plants to my email: kuba.jilemicky@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hello Jakub,
Enjoyed your talk on zoom today.
Still have all the plants I bought in Leicester last year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jakub, Just listened to your talk on the CSSA webinar. It was fantastic! Such an amazing planet we have and so much to discover. Thank you for making that learning experience possible. Best regards, Kathy, USA, MO.