Haworthia meiringii, just N. Bonnievale

Haworthia & Gasteria

You can find here some books and journal, that may help you or you can find useful information there.

There are three parts on this page - books about Haworthia and Gasterias, journals and other books about succulents...

Part I. - books about Haworthia and Gasterias
Essays on Haworthia - Volume 3 by Bruce Bayer 2007

Essays on Haworthia - Volume 2 by Bruce Bayer 2006

Essays on Haworthia - Volume 1 by Bruce Bayer 2002

Haworthia Revisited, a Revision of the Genus by Bruce Bayer 1999.

The New Haworthia Handbook by Bruce Bayer 1982

Haworthia Handbook by Bruce Bayer 1976

The World of Haworthias, Volume 1 by Ingo Breuer - Bibliography and annotated index, 1998

The World of Haworthias, Volume 2 by Ingo Breuer - Descriptions, 2000

Notes on Haworthias by J.R. Brown, Compiled by Stephen Halloway 1999

Haworthia photographs used to typify taxa described by Dr. Karl von Poellnitz by Ingo Breuer, 1999

The Genus Haworthia, a taxonomic revision by Charles L. Scott 1985

Haworthia and Astroloba, a Collector's Guide by John Pilbean 1983

The First 50 Haworthias by John W. Pilbeam 1970 and the Second 50 Haworthias by John W. Pilbeam 1975

Beautiful succulents Haworthia by Takashi Fukuya, 2006 - perfect photos...

Gasterias of South Africa, A new revision of a major succulent group by E. J. van Jaarsveld, Illistrated by Ellaphie Ward-Hilhorst, 1994.

Part II. - journals

Special Issue of Avonia about Haworthias by Ingo Breuer, 21:3 2003

Special issue 1 of Kaktusy by Ingo Breuer, 2002

Alsterworthia International, journal about Haworthias, Gasterias and similar plants

... and some special issues of Alsterworthia International

Haworthiad - journal about Haworthias, Gasterias and similar plants

Haworthia Study, Japanese journal about Haworthias

Part III. - other books about succulents

Grass Aloes in the South African Veld by Charles Craib, 2005

Aloes - Aristocrats of Namibien Flora, 2005


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Now that is an amazing collection!!! I just started collecting books on succulents...very interesting.

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