Haworthia calcarea

Haworthia calcarea, De Hoop

Haworthia calcarea (M.B.Bayer) I.Breuer

calcarea: pertaining to lime.

H. calcarea is species with shorter erect leaves, with a short retused end area. It is nice compact and proliferous, it forms large clusters. In case it grows more exposed, it tends to have yellow-reddish colour, but more often they grows hidden amongst bushes and other vegetation, in that case they remains green. It was discovered by C. Burgers.

Map of distribution

H. calcarea is known only from De Hoop nature reserve. It occurs on limestone on low laying areas. In habitat it grows with nice compact form of Gasteria verrucosa. Nearby, at Potberg area, grows many other Haworthia species - H. heidelbergensis, H. floribunda (and their intermediate forms), H. maraisii, H. modesta, H. minima or H. variegata var. hemicrypta. In cultivation it is very easy species, propagation is usually done by offsetts.

Haworthia calcarea, De Hoop

Haworthia calcarea, De Hoop

locality of Haworthia calcarea, De Hoop

H. mirabilis var. calcarea

Known locality:
  • De Hoop (3420AD)
  • NE. Buffelsfontein (3420AD)

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