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Go back to main pageUniondale Poort - here Haworthia cooperi "gordoniana", Haworthia scabra and Haworthia monticola are growing.

Haworthia cooperi "gordoniana" - it has nothing to do with H. gordoniana from TL, but what it is?

Committees Drift, on the banks of Great Fish River. Astroloba congesta and Haworthia nigra are growing here.

Haworthia nigra

Astroloba congesta

Schoemanspoort, N of Oudtshoorn. Many different interesting plants are growing here.

Haworthia cangoensis (mucronata type of plant)

Haworthia arachnoidea var. setata

Haworthia starkiana

Gasteria brachyphylla

Haworthia scabra ("morrissiae")

Haworthia graminifolia - quite difficult to find.

Near Oudtshoorn - habitat of Haworthia arachnoidea

Signal Hill, near Grahastown. On the rocky slopes is Haworthia angustifolia growing.

Near Molen River - locality where Haworthia monticola grows.

Blaukrans Railway Bridge, place where you can find Haworthia cymbiformis var. obtusa and Haworthia coarctata is growing also nearby.

Thomas River Bridge. Haworthia specksii (cooperi/blackbeardiana) is growing among rocks and small bushes.

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