Habitats - part 4.

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Near Persevearence, on suburb of Port Elizabeth, is locality of Haworthia cooperi var. pilifera. Only leave tips are visible.

Kariega river, locality of Haworthia cymbiformis and Haworthia coarctata. Haworthia cooperi var. venusta is not faraway.

Haworthia cymbiformis

Haworthia coarctata

About 15 km south of Whittlesea on top of small hill among stones and bushes is Haworthia specksii (cooperi/blackbeardiana) growing.

Near Aalwynspoort, on the rock slope, is growing strange form of Haworthia angustifolia.

NW of Gouritzmond, under the gumtrees is growing nice robust form of Haworthia minima.

Soutkloof, near Addo - Haworthia sordida is growing just between grass and small bushes.

Near Lemoenkloof, E of Jansenville - Haworthia jansenvillensis is occupying nearly every possible place.

Just out of small town Steytlerville is locality of Haworthia decipiens. Astroloba congesta and Lithops localis are growing nearby. There is a query few hundreds meters away which is rapidly growing, may be in a couple years this locality will be gone for ever...

Haworthia decipiens, plants are almost 20 cm in diameter.

Near Springbokvlakte is growing Haworthia springbokvlaktensis, only leave tips are visible above ground.